We are serious about bringing out customers the softest, most comfortable shirts imaginable because we know the most important part of any order we receive is that, in the end, someone actually wants to wear the shirt and will continue to wear it. We want to make shirts that are soft, resilient, consistent, and color-steadfast, which is why we painstakingly developed a curated list of brands that we use and offer our clients.

These brands (American Apparel, Bella+Canvas, Anvl) have continuously turned out high-quality blanks that people love. And, take it from us, we have printed on just about any substrate, you name it : Polyester, viscose, metal, wood, nylon, plastic, vinyl, etc. This is why we can safely say that Bella+Canvas is among the best and we proudly carry their products.

BELLA+CANVAS : Why are their shirts so soft, anyway?

Bella + Canvas goes through A LOT of trouble to make the softest cotton fabric possible. 25-30% of the cotton during the manufacturing process is combed out to eliminate impurities in the fabric. Lots of manufacturers would put that inferior cotton back into batch during the spinning process, but Bella + Canvas keeps it out.

Only “long-stapled” cotton (long cotton fibers) is used, which greatly reduces stray fibers and creates a smoother surface and much softer feel.

The Airlume process also creates a much tighter and even knit across the surface of the fabric, making it ideal for screenprinting. Why? A tighter weave and less stray fibers means there is more surface area for ink to be placed, giving a much more detailed and cleaner print.